Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Dumb Can You Be?

OK, so with it being Halloween a couple days ago, I decided to watch a few horror movies. While watching, it got me thinking as too how stupid some of the main characters in horror movies really are. I mean some of the decisions they make in life and death situations are really just... dumb! There's no other way too put it.

So, I thought i'd make a list of all the stupids moments in horror movies that just make me wanna facepalm. Enjoy.

1. Running away from 'bad guy', wow a creepy room with no other exit i'll go hide in there.

2. My friends are missing i'll go look inside that big wierd house, huh lights don't work i'll keep looking around.

3. Ok we have to find a way out of this death trap, lets split up (WTF).

4. Not finishing off the person they're trying to get away from, then dropping a weapon next to them.

5. Going back to save someone thats going to die anyway.

6. Yelling out to try and find your friend(don't answer back) keep yelling. 1- they're dead dip shit, 2- letting the killer know where you are.. durrrr.

7. They always run so far away from people and somehow end up in some sort of corner or very obvious hiding place, close to the villian/killer etc.

8. Not getting the hell out of there (in haunting situations).

9. Ignoring signs and other things that suggest if you don't do something you are going to die.

10. Not getting some sort of object to fight them off with.

11. Having a gun shooting at them and when you have a good shot, OMG out of bullets.

It is people like this that deserve to die.. yet sadly they keep me coming back and watching more.


  1. Yeah I hate it when they time the beat of the music with the pulse of your heart. It always kills the scene for me.

  2. thamks for the list :D
    this is exactly what i hate about horror films

  3. haha people aren't normally like that in RL, they just have to make it like that to build suspense! Like it is really common for people to yell "GET OUT OF THERE IDIO" while watching a scary movie. :D

  4. but conversely, it wouldn't be worth watching if the character was making logical decisions and avoiding trouble. one of the reasons the movie is suspenseful is because the audience knows the character is making a poor decision and there will be consequences... keeps us on the edge of our seats

    i see what you're saying though, sometimes it's unrealistic how dumb the characters are

  5. Lets live in this haunted house. I Aint afraid of no ghosts.

  6. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !

  7. man how awesome would it be if zombies were real.